Yahoo Finance updates: New Crypto Functionality for a better trading experience and more support services to care for your investments!

The renowned Yahoo Finance Platform will now be able to support quote pages, more profile information, historical data and even coins outstanding to give its users the best trading experience ever!

We have stressed it so much, but 2017 really is the year of crypto and clearly Yahoo doesn’t want to be left out of the party! So it’s keeping updated by operating on its broadest measures date. Yahoo group of experts and technicians have been working no stop to integrate a discrete number of key features to its Finance portal and platforms, strengthening its available financial data packages for both old and new users.

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Yahoo move is obviously linked to the incredible rise of crypto currencies on the virtual market, and now every online business or simple user who wants to obtain better results on his investments is rapidly switching to digital currencies. Yahoo Finance saw a good profit opportunity in the passion that online traders are showing for crypto currencies and has deliberated to start a better offer thinking to this kind of audience. So it will give its users the ability to track a basket of cryptos on its platform, making the whole operation options more interesting and forefront.

Basic Charts/Technical Analysis pages now have bigger charts for better readability. You no longer have to click on ‘L’ link to see the bigger chart.

Historically, Yahoo Finance has been one of the most complete financial portals in terms of equities and other assets, above all for US and North American traders. With a vast amount of free data, this platform’s investors have always uses of such information to solve their private problems on investing. This became quite a routine, and clearly the managers of the platform knew for a long time but hadn’t a chance to interfere. From today, however, Yahoo offer has been expanded in no time to include more than 100 sovereign cryptocurrenciey pages.

The platform focus from now on will not be just about large cryptos like Bit coin, Ethereum and Litecoin; but also emergent ones like Ripple, Dash etc. Forming a partnership with Crypto Compare, the platform will now support quote pages, profile information, historical data and coins outstanding.

But that’s not all! Yahoo Finance has also built a strategic partnership with CoinDesk, following its growing content stream. The increased service will provide the latest news and information for up to 100 different crypto currencies always maintaining quality service.

Just like other assets such as equities or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), Yahoo platform users will have the opportunity to track the position of the crypto currency they’re most interested with, and also creating a cohesive Yahoo Finance portfolio taking advantage of these instruments. Other new feature is the compatibility with Coinbase.

Yahoo Finance also instituted a crypto’s integration in tandem with Coinbase, to promote retail traders. Finally, users will also be able to directly link to their Coinbase accounts through Yahoo portal, and this functionality will be supported from the beginning on both iOS and Android in the Yahoo Finance App.

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